Hamilton revealed his top 3 Rivals for 2018

Formula 1 (F1) eminent world champion ‘Lewis Hamilton’ recently named 3 drivers who can be his biggest rivals in 2018 season.

HAMILTON, who became  Formula 1 world champion for the fourth time, claiming his F1 title at the  Mexican Grand Prix 2017, named Mclaren’s Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen as the three drivers he feels he need to watch out in the forthcoming  F1 season.

lewis hamiltonWhen asked which of the three he fears the most if MERCEDES, SCUDERIA FERRARI, REDBULL, and McLaren all produced similar cars next year, he said “We four are very strong drivers and I really hope we all are in the mix next year. It’ll be freaking amazing.”

Hamilton enjoyed wheel to wheel battles against all three and feels that he has enough knowledge on how to handle each one of them.  “you look at them quite differently”, adds Hamilton, who said it was nearly possible to measure the difference between all 4 drivers in “mm” (millimeters).“They all have different driving styles. Sebastian, for example, this year you could say: ‘Give more space.’-  not in a negative way(laughs).

“Max takes a lot of risks and  you have to give him more space, he is a bit inexperienced as compared to the other guys.”

“ Nando is the toughest driver there could be, so you have to give him respect and play your cards right.

“Fernando’s racecraft is mighty but max’s racecraft is impressive as well”

Hamilton feels Max would become an even bigger threat once he builds more experience, having only raced in 3 seasons he always punches above his weight.

“He is doing great things, but he’s gonna grow more over the next 10 years”

“ I don’t think it’ll be a problem, it will be just frigging tough to beat him. Wouldn’t that be a fight? Even I would pay to see it.”

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